Introducing our New School Logo


We are proud to present our new school logo which has been designed after much consultation with students, staff and School Council.



Our dynamic new logo has three distinct elements which combine to represent our school and our school community:


-The book represents our strong academic foundation which allows our students to flourish and achieve.


-The people represent our students, teachers and community, showing that we are stronger together.


-The tree represents growth, our connectedness to our community and our awareness of our role as global citizens.


Collectively, these elements interact to represent the continuous flow of learning and development within our students and teachers as we grow together.

We look forward to incorporating our new school logo across all communication domains and celebrating it's place within our school community.

We will be phasing in our new logo over a two year period and do not expect families to buy uniforms with the new logo on it immediately. PSW on Stephensons Road will stock parts of our new uniform from January as well as our current uniform.